Working with you to create & drive brand engagement

2,445 hours spent building brands last year
167,760,670 website pageviews achieved last year
30,934,920 engagements generated on social media last year

Brand Management

With the market place so saturated, it has never been more important to have a salient brand. However, many find it difficult to realise that a brand is more than just branding. At A&C, we believe in a wholistic approach – your brand is everything a customer sees, knows and experiences, and then some.

We deliver the strategic thinking and the ‘getting it done’. Looking deep within your business, we work with you to achieve your multi-faceted goals – sales, customer retention, customer engagement, and even cutting the cost of customer acquisition.

We create synergy between all your branding collateral, internal & external communications, and your staff training and customer policies.

Our consultants work on projects, campaigns and on a retained basis. With access to the wider network of experience within A&C, they can make huge differences to your communications strategy, and look at saving you money on your marketing spend while also driving growth in new leads, sales and profit.

Adopt a communications director

Our senior partners operate as outsourced communications directors for businesses who are looking to take that next step towards real growth. This takes a very hands-on approach, and is generally suitable for service businesses turning over £0.5m given the cost to benefit ratio needed for a return on investment. We usually work on a retained basis for a minimum of 6 months, but often much longer.

Outsourced marketing team

If you are an SME looking to grow, then you might be considering taking on a marketing manager, which is usually a great idea. However, there are times when you just need to get things done, and that’s where we come in.

For many SMEs, the salary of a decent marketing manager could make a real difference to customer acquisition if it was spent well on targeted marketing and advertising activity, rather than on someone else managing it for you. We can bring the ideas, and the deliver them, to get the biggest bang for your marketing budget.